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Explore all that Julita Manor has to offer, including guided tours, local art exhibitions and traditional festivities on Midsummer’s Eve. Visit us today to enjoy the full range of activities.

Guided tours of the Main house in English

  • 25 May-8 June: Sat-Sun at 3pm.
  • 15 June-25 August: daily at 3pm.
  • 1-29 September: Sat-Sun at 3pm.

Step into the home of Lieutenant Arthur Bäckström, the last private owner of Julita Manor. You will receive a guided tour about the building’s history, interior, and the people who lived here.

  • The tour is included in the admission.
  • Collect your participant card at the notice board outside the entrance to Julita Manor.
  • We have a maximum of 25 participants on each tour.
  • Tours take approximately 40 minutes.
  • We gather outside the entrance to the Main House from the lakeside.

Open in the Main house at Julita Manor

  • The Main House ground floor is open on weekends from 25 May at 12 pm-1 pm
  • The Main House is open daily during high season 15 June–25 August
  • The Main House ground floor is open on weekends 1–29 September at 12 pm-1 pm

Take a look around the ground floor of Julita Manor and get a look at what life was like in a Swedish manor in the early 1900s.

Enter Lieutenant Arthur Bäckström’s house downstairs and see what it was like when he lived here with servants, guests and his many dogs. You will explore the floor on your own, but our host will be present during your visit to answer any questions you may have.

Art exhibition at Julita Manor

  • The opening of the art exhibition is on 15 June, and you can visit the exhibition on that day from 2pm to 5pm.
  • 16 June-25 August: open daily.

Eleven artists and craftspeople from KIKK in Katrineholm county have spent a year exploring the theme of Julita Manor. You can see their work in an exhibition at Skansenmuseet in Julita Manor and Gardens from 15 June to 25 August. Three of the artists are also exhibiting their sculptures outdoors.

Participating artists from KIKK, Artists in Katrineholm county:

  • Agnetha Aabjerg
  • BrittMarie Järnström Lindell
  • Clara Waller
  • Eeva-Liisa Pettersson
  • Else-Marie Strese
  • Hanna Hellmér
  • Iann Eklund Tinbäck
  • Klas-Göran Tinbäck
  • Lena Hammarbäck
  • Rodrigo Lombardo Martinez
  • Niklas Johansson

Midsummer’s Eve at Julita Manor 21 June

Experience traditional Midsummer’s Eve festivities at Julita Manor and Gardens. Enjoy a variety of entertainment including traditional music, dancing around the midsummer pole, various games, and a lottery.


  • 1 pm: Musical entertainment and performance.
  • 2 pm: Procession with the Midsummer pole from the café to the Midsummer meadow accompanied by fiddlers.
  • 2.10 pm: Setting up the pole followed by traditional dancing around it, led by dance teacher Doriz Zsigaa.
  • 2.50 pm: Enjoy a traditional musical concert.

We advise you to arrive early this day to avoid queues in the traffic and in the courtyard.

Our midsummer celebration is organised in cooperation with Julita GoIF and Julita Hembygdsförening.

Julita gård is located by Lake Öljaren, 25 km outside Katrineholm, and approximately 2 hours from Stockholm by train/bus or car.

Visitor address: Julita gård, 643 98 Julita.

By public transport:

  • Train to Eskilstuna or Katrineholm, then bus to the Julita Gård/Julita gård entré bus stop.
  • Plan your journey with SJ and Sörmlandstrafiken.
  • During the low season, the nearest bus stop is Äsköping (approximately 1.5 km from Julita gård).

By car:

  • Find us on Google Maps.
  • There are two parking lots, where you’ll also find two charging stations.
  • You can pay using the AIMO app or Parkster SMS parking.
  • Parking for disabled individuals is available between the entrance building and Julita wärdshus.